Hey there, I’m Myra—a US citizen with a unique upbringing in multicultural South Africa. Fueled by an intellectual curiosity, I have been inspired creatively by her rich socio-cultural tapestry and diverse languages. I hope my portfolio paints for you, a picture of how my South African journey has come to shape who I am today.
Studying at Pomona College has allowed me to not only explore the varied spectrum of human perspective but also harness the strengths of human-centered design thinking. As a Cognitive Science major, I have delved deep into the intricate workings of cognitive processes and their relationship to human behavior. This academic pursuit perfectly complements my drive for creativity and innovation in my future professional endeavors. It provides a deep understanding of how humans perceive and interact with the world, forming a crucial foundation for designing products that enhance the overall human experience.
Beyond the classroom, my professional experiences echoes this interest. From my role as a Marketing Intern at The Coca-Cola Company to my time as a UX/UI Design intern at Hailo SA, I’ve continuously sought to understand users’ styles of thinking and subsequently employed research-based insights to tailor effective and user-friendly designs and strategies.