Hailo SA

As a product design intern at Hailo SA, a premium transfer service known for providing the most secure and reliable on-demand travel experiences across Johannesburg, I had a unique opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of their app.
Prior to my time there, the Hailo app was experiencing functionality glitches, which posed a significant hindrance to user experience and satisfaction and. One of my tasks was to create page design samples for their new application. Using Figma as the main software, I designed a user journey from the landing page to the vehicle options page.
Paying special attention to detail, I meticulously designed and refined each page, bearing in mind user-friendly navigation, visual aesthetics, and adherence to Hailo’s branding guidelines. I ensured that the app’s design was not only functional but also visually appealing, creating a seamless experience for the users. My work encompassed crafting intuitive icons, optimizing color schemes, and ensuring responsive design elements.
The result of my efforts was truly rewarding. Several of the page design samples I created were incorporated into the final design of Hailo’s new app. This experience taught me the importance of adaptability and problem-solving in the field of product design, and I am proud to have made a tangible impact during my time there.